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LETS Krakow

Local Exchange Trading Systems  

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New LETS in Krakow is on:

Information about alternative economy in Polish

Publishing House Green Brigades

Krzysztof Lewandowski, "Attractors versus virtual money, Part one: THE ATTRACTORS" ZB 153 (2000) - ENGLISH.

Krzysztof Lewandowski, "Attractors versus virtual money, Part two: VIRTUAL MONEY" ZB 154 (2000) - ENGLISH.

Dr. M. Umer Chapra, "Prohibition of interest: does it make sense? ZB 161 (2001) - ENGLISH.

Dr. M. Umer Chapra, "Banks without interest: is it conceivable? ZB 163 (2001) - ENGLISH.

Werner Onken, "A Market Economy without Capitalism" ZB 179 (2002)- ENGLISH.

materials and initiatives of another LETS groups in Poland: Bialystok, Lodz, Poznan, Walbrych, Warszawa, Ecovillages, Szczecin and ... your city.

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Addresses of LETS in other countries

Project LETS List
An online directory of LETS and similar initiatives (helps to identify addresses of LETS groups in many countries).

Strohalm (Holland)
Tauschringe (Germany)
Letslink UK (UK)
SEL (France)
Tauschkreise (Austria)
Das Talent-Experiment (Switzerland)
LETS in Australia (Australia)
Talentum Kör (Hungary)
Argentina Red Global de Trueque (Argentina)
LETS Bulgaria (Bulgaria)
Bytesringar i Norden (Denmark, Norway, Sweden)
Letokruh (Czech Republic)

Community Currencies in Asia, Africa & Latin America
LETS and similar initiatives in Asia, Africa, Latin America.

New Zealand LETS Support and Information Group (New Zealand)

Local Money Movements in Japan (Japan)

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Time Dollar

Time Dollar is a way of rebuilding traditional bonds between neighbours which once existed in villages and small towns. It works similar to LETS concentrating mostly on mutual social services (help for elderly people and children, mutual self-support between neighbours).

Timedollar Institute

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Christian groups

Talente Tauschkreis Wien
LETS in Vienna, a project of Katholisches Jugendwerk Österreichs.

Christian Council for Monetary Justice

Christen für gerechte Wirtschaftsordnung

LETS in Graz. Includes interesting thoughts about Christian values in LETS.

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Information and materials

LETSystems - The Home Page
LETS Homepage owned by the creator of the system.

Local Exchange Trading Systems
by Sidonie Seron : A LETS thesis from the Universite de Bourgogne – Dijon.

Report of the European LETS Seminar
Report of a LETS seminar, organised by the European Youth Forest Action (EYFA) and Aktie Strohalm in 1998. Presentations of LETS from different countries – helps to see ordinary people in LETS.

Global Online Unilets
A website of a clever man who made a 40-days journey through Europe for LETS. Includes information on how to organise it and addresses of LETS in many countries.

Lets what? LETS Travel!
How you can travel with LETS.

Community Information Resource Center
With a link to an online version of Tom Greco's book, New Money for Healthy Communities.

The Environmental Implications of LETSystems
by Simon Williams : A dissertation about LETS from Department of Environmental Studies in the Mawson Graduate Centre for Environmental Studies University of Adelaide.

An online class on LETS. Many interesting materials.

Friendly Favors
A great website.

Miguel's Philosophical Garden
A Japanese site on LETS, Sylvio Gesell and the German writer Michael Ende (author of Neverending Story and Momo). Many philosophical reflections about contemporary society and ideas how LETS may change something. Includes links to Japanese LETS and a report about local economic initiatives in Japan – how the Japanese governmental sector supports such initiatives.

Not Money
A kind of internet barter, includes, among others, information about holiday exchanges. Surely an interesting website, unfortunately not easy to use.

Materialien zur Zinsproblematik
A German site about money. Includes the full text of Margrit Kennedy's book Geld ohne Zinsen und Inflation and a history of local currencies during the world economic crisis.
A German site devoted to the ideas of Sylvio Gesell.

Ithaca HOURs
Local money in Ithaka (USA). One of the most successful projects in the world.

Transaction Net
Money now and in future. Many materials about LETS and the Internet. Specially recommended to sceptics who ask whether LETS is a return to the stone age.

Money - Past, Present & Future
Sources of Information on Monetary History, Contemporary Developments, and the Prospects for Electronic Money.

International Journal of Community Currency Research
A magazine devoted to economics and local community.

materials from some group of LETS from UK

an international debate on social money

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Information about
LETS in Polish

Addresses of LETS in other countries

Time Dollar

Christian groups

Information and materials


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