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LETS Krakow

Local Exchange Trading Systems  

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LETS is a kind of mutual support in a group of people who trust each other.

LETS is a group of people who exchange among themselves goods and abilities they have without using money, in a point system.

Because LETS works in a point system you can exchange things not only between two people but also in a larger group of people (you can i.e. get points for giving somebody a lesson and then give these points to someone else for a possibility to use a computer).

In order to operate in LETS you must be a LETS member. To become a member contact the organiser, learn how LETS works and declare your will to participate by supplying a list of your offers and needs, email (if you have it) and phone no.:

  • First Name, Surname
  • Contact (esp. e-mail!, if someone has it, + tel., if someone has a mobile phone – a mobile number)
  • Offers
  • Needs

After submitting these information each new member will receive guidelines on how to calculate points which are based on the experience of other members. You don’t have to follow the guidelines – feel free to decide by yourself how many points you’d like to receive for your help and how many points you’d like to give members who helped you. You create the rules. The guidelines are just examples of exchanges which already took place and should give you an idea how many points you may expect for your offers.

All LETS members will receive a members list, listing the offers and needs of LETS members, together with their phone numbers and/or emails.

The members inform the organiser how many points they have received and from who (either regularly or once a month, a week before the date of the next meeting) so that the organiser can count how many points each member has. This can be done by giving the organiser a piece of paper with a description of what points you received or via phone or email. You should include the following information:

Points I received :

  • Name:
  • What I gave:
  • To who:
  • Points:

The members who received help from other members (and gave points to them) should also inform the organiser how many points should be subtracted from their total amount of points:

Points I gave :

  • Name:
  • What I received:
  • To who:
  • Points:

If you want the services of another LETS member you should contact this person, ask whether the offer is still current and agree on a number of points.

Accepting an offer is voluntary. No one has an obligation to give anyone anything in LETS if one has no time or willingness, wants to give only one lesson a week and not 10 or just wants to wait till the LETS offer will grow.

Because the LETS administration is connected with some costs and very much effort, there is a symbolic membership fee in points (1 point a month) Because we are now a small group of people at the beginning and very few of us use LETS it now refers only to people who really used LETS.

The LETS members are obliged to share the costs of LETS administration by making 4 phone calls a month. This enables informing people who have no email and no mobile phone about LETS events, organising meetings and promoting LETS in Cracow. You will be informed by the organiser what phone calls you are expected to make.

We welcome all people who want to help with organising LETS!!! A list of what you can help with is partly included in the membership list, you can ask the organiser about the details, we also would like to hear your ideas.

Please feel free to contact the organiser with all questions, problems, remarks and suggestions. Please email LETS–Kraków.

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